5 MS Excel Shortcuts

5 Shortcuts to save your time while working on MS Excel

Everyone uses MS-Excel these days for carrying out their work. Sometimes it becomes essential to consider the keyboard shortcuts that will be helping in boosting productivity by curbing the loss of time. There are a number of the formula and keyboard shortcuts in Excel that will be good enough for catering to the needs of the user.

So it becomes easy to access the shortcuts. The Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V and Ctrl + X aren’t the limit. Excel has plenty of keyboard shortcuts that anyone can ever imagine. So let’s start with a discussion of the five keyboard shortcuts in Excel that can ensure saving your time.

1. Excel paste as values shortcut

Usually, there is a requirement of copying many things in excel, but sometimes it becomes essential to copy the formula cell or the ranges to the other place. Whenever you’re copying and pasting the formula, you will be ending up facing challenges only. Pressing the shortcuts, Alt+E+S+V becomes the easiest way to open that dialogue box where you will have to click on Ok.

2. Fast movement with the help of the keyboard

You can consider placing the Ctrl + direction arrows. Using this command, make sure that you can get the easy way for moving the strokes to the last filled cell in the table. If they’re empty cells in the middle, it will be going to the last filled cell exactly before the empty one.

If there are no more filled cells, then it will take the chance to go to the last row of the column depending on the command. Ctrl + Home is the other way that will be helping in moving the cursor to the first cell of the A1 worksheet.

If you’re using only the Home command, it works to move the cursor to column A time of the line you have already selected. Again the Ctrl + End option is good enough for moving the cursor to the last filled cell in the worksheet.

3. Changing the spreadsheet for changing the spreadsheet

You will be getting the easy to access button, and this is very time-saving as well. You will have to click on Ctrl + tab or Ctrl + F6. Sometimes, there is more than one worksheet that will be open in the background, and in this case, the best way to move from one worksheet to the other is by using this shortcut.

4. Undo and redo

The Ctrl Z for undo and Ctrl Y for redo is good enough for giving you access to the function of undo and redo without wasting a lot of time. Anyone who has made a mistake in Excel sometimes doesn’t even bother to open the program. The truth is simply that whenever you’re messing with Excel, you will be making mistakes. Sometimes mistakes also happen unintentionally beyond your knowledge, and later on, you see that the entire result isn’t correct when you discover it. To avoid such conditions, you should get access to the undo and redo shortcut to make sure about reducing the damage due to the errors.

5. Save and save as

Ctrl V and F12 are the two options that will be giving you the opportunity of saving the file on Microsoft Excel. Sometimes it happens due to minute flaws. You will have to face a huge lot of challenges when it comes to Microsoft Excel. Nothing can be more annoying than just losing all your work because you had forgotten to save it at that time.

The first command that is Ctrl V is the best for saving directly with the worksheet that is already saved in its location. In case you want to use it in the other folder or even create the new version of the spreadsheet, you can make use of safe as an option that is F12.


You have got the idea regarding the keyboard shortcuts that will be the most beneficial at the hard times. When you are using MS Excel, keep in mind that such a shortcut list reduces your time and the chances of errors. So do follow them and consider practicing with them to make sure that there would be problems in the long run.